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I know that everyone is as excited as I am anticipating some warmer air on the way. It has been a long hard winter and the grass, flowers and trees are just aching to pop through all the snow! I cannot wait to be able to open my shop doors and work with fresh airRead More

I have always believed that art is not only for the rich. Maybe because I love to be surrounded by beauty or maybe because I am not rich. Either way, I created several pieces that simply will not break the bank. The obelisk and the lantern are two of my favorite staples in this affordableRead More

aaote looking at his new home and surroundings

Making Aaote

May 01

I created Aaote for Aspiring Artists Of The Earth. This was my interpretation of their existing logo. Both fun and challenging, he stands 7’4 inches in height.  He protects and welcomes all to his gallery in Dublin, PA. Go visit him and see the many artists exhibiting in the wonderful space!    

Dog & Bull

Mar 12

What a wonderful celebration we had last saturday at Dog & Bull music and brewhouse! We unveiled the sign they commissioned me to make in metal, depicting their branded logo. The weather was glorious and loads of people poured in all day. Live music, great food and fun..hard to ask for more. Take a peekRead More

Sam has seen many seasons come and go since he began his life of leisure under my roof. I hope that the 11 years he has lived with me makes up for his awful first year of life on the street. Each day may bring a little more grey and might slow him down a bit,Read More

Glass ‘bottle trees’ According to Wikipedia, orginated in Northern Africa during a period when superstitious people believed that a genii or imp could be captured in a glass bottle. Legend had it that empty glass bottles placed outside the home could “capture” roving (usually evil) spirits at night, and the spirit would be destroyed theRead More

The day this little bugger climbed into my hand I decided there might be some validity to that nickname. Obviously searching for his hole, I tried to push him closer to the home that I have seen many chipmunks pop in and out of over the past few years. I nudged and nudged but eachRead More

Most of the summer so far, (for obvious reasons), I have found myself humming this tune by one-hit-wonder Buster Poindexter. Although the heat in my shop tends to make me downright angry, my plants are in sauna heaven! While I wilt by noon, they seem to be at their peek. My snake gourds, hyacinth beansRead More

Yesterday, as I busily worked to prune and weed the garden for my show here this Saturday. I discovered a whole crew of new helpers! The praying mantis sack hatched that was ironically attached to “Elvis Angel” the resident protector of the garden. Elvis was a gift I made my Mom for mothers day aboutRead More

In the spring the plants push through the surface of the earth making my mind whirl with all the new creations that I must make. This year was particularly inspirational as I created a line of flowers from the many years I have spent in the garden. The idea of incorporating recycled glass into myRead More

No matter how mild the winter the birds welcome spring with their enthusiastic chirping. I can feel their excitement as they flit around busily building nests. Their expressive calls fill the air. I may not understand bird language, but they are clearly happy yet very serious about tasks at hand. It is their energy thatRead More

Sinatra plays loudly through my speakers, breaking the silence in between the noise of my shop as I work. I have been on a steady Sinatra kick for about 3 years and holding. Sinatra, BB King or the blues of course. Today is no different except for the early and eagerly anticipated spring in theRead More

It had not been much more then one year in it’s new home when “growing” got caught up with the wrong crowd. He fought a hard fight, but in the end needed to come to “spa sandy” to rejuvenate. Don’t you worry dear friend, this time I will reinforce you. Those guys can jump onRead More

The Cork sculpture was an exciting project created for the Pennsylvania Wine association unveiled at the Farm show in Harrisburg, January 2012.  The concept was to create a piece that incorporated corks from several different Pennsylvania vineyards and wineries in the Association.  The theme of the installation was “there’s a story behind every cork”.  TheRead More

After creating two bike racks for the NKCDC, I fell in love with the concept of creating this kind of function art. I started to seek out other areas that might want an artrack. At this time, The East Falls Development Corporation (EFDC), in Philadelphia, PA sent out a call to artists to create severalRead More

This weekend February 23rd-36th, I have some work in the Home and Garden Show at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks PA.  I  incorporated some of my sculpture into the booth of Crystal Clear Signature Pools and Waitkus Design Lanscape Architecture and Construction.  All the exhibitors have been working hard to make a beautifulRead More

One hot summer day in July, Peter Peacock was born. Penelopy Peahen was created right after making Peter to woo his lonely heart. A scavenged blade guard off of a sickle bar mower was the piece that inspired the creation of Peter. The sickle guard had been filed away in my scrap pile (titled birdRead More

The Picasso sculpture is my most challenging and rewarding piece to date. Loic Barnieu, The owner of the Picasso restaurant in Media, Pennsylvania, commissioned me to make the piece as a sculptural room divider separating the bar from the more formal dining area. Since the piece was going into the “Picasso” restaurant, I decided itRead More

The “Growing” bike rack was the first rack I created for NKCDC (New Kensington Community Development Corporation) as part of their ongoing effort to create links between local artists and revitalization efforts. The “Frankford Avenue Artsrack Project” is an economic development initiative to promote biking, local artists and local businesses. Part beautification, part economic development, these functional piecesRead More