The Making of a Fire Sculpture

A few years ago I went to the “Firebird Festival” where I stumbled upon several whimsical fire pits made out of acetylene tanks. These fire pits had wonderful expressive faces cut out of each tank that danced when they were lit. I loved the concept and immediately began thinking about how to make this idea my own. Propane tanks (mostly from the 1950’s) are my main source for the pits. They are made of a durable, thick metal that lends itself to a long living fire pit. Working exclusively 3 dimensional for 20 years or so, as soon as I started to draw out the patterns, I realized how much I missed working 2 dimensional. I have experimented with many different designs over the past few. A few of my favorite designs include fish, landscape, hummingbird, floral, and many custom pits.



The Latest Ornaments!

‘Swim & Soar’ is my new line of ornament – sun catchers. I create these little creatures with love, out of repurposed metal. Each darling is cut from a reclaimed harrow disc blades (farm equipment) or propane tanks from the 1950’s or older. I hope they bring a smile to your face!

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