Where to find my work:

I sell in many art and craft galleries and participate in several Art and Craft Festivals. I encourage you to come to my festivalsĀ to see how I envision my whimsical work to be displayed.


I suggest coating your creature each year. If you wish, it is totally acceptable to allow the piece to naturally oxidize.

Before applying clear coat gently knock off any loose dirt or rust with a medium scotch brite found in the paint department of a hardware store. Best to apply on a dry sunny day and is most effective if 2-3 thin coats are applied until you achieve the gloss that the piece had when it was purchased. Be aware that if the piece is placed outdoors you will want to apply the sealant under the base if it is set on concrete or stone.

While the gloss sealant works best, I have found that Rustoleum clear spray paintĀ  is a close second. It is cheaper and easier to apply since it is a spray paint can.

Custom Installations:

I love to make site-specific work for the home or on a larger corporate scale. Need a wall piece beside your pool or on your living room wall? A custom shower? Need a bike rack in front of your shop or a room divider for your restaurant or home? Please call or email I would love to speak with you. See custom installations.


I wholesale my work to art and craft galleries across the country. Please provide me with your complete contact information, including your TAX ID/RESALE number and I will be happy to provide you with a catalog and wholesale pricing information.

Keep in touch!

I enjoy hearing from you and chatting with you via email or facebook; and encourage you to meet me there. Please sign up to be on my mailing list. I send out monthly emails. I try to keep you informed of my latest shows and festivals. I hope to see all your happy faces at my shows!