art is for everyone

I have always believed that art is not only for the rich. Maybe because I love to be surrounded by beauty or maybe because I am not rich. Either way, I created several pieces that simply will not break the bank. The obelisk and the lantern are two of my favorite staples in this affordable line of work. I designed them so that they can be easily moved around the garden as it grows and changes over the seasons.  Hang a plant from the obelisk and it will add height and color to the areas of the garden that are not in bloom. Couple it with the lantern and together they give life to a wonderful atmosphere at night. Stick the obelisk in a large potted plant, hang one of my lantern (created out of a recycled insulator) from the obelisk and this is the perfect duo for a patio! The possibilities are endless, take a peek at a few examples I shot in my garden..

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