spring excitement in the air

No matter how mild the winter the birds welcome spring with their enthusiastic chirping. I can feel their excitement as they flit around busily building nests. Their expressive calls fill the air. I may not understand bird language, but they are clearly happy yet very serious about tasks at hand. It is their energy that fuels me as I begin to create new pieces for the garden.

The garden has always been my muse, but this year I notice that the birds may be just as much of an inspiration. While working in my shop with my garage doors open the shop becomes an extension of the garden. Plants make their way into my shop and metal makes its way into the garden in a cyclical pattern. Over the years the birds have gotten so used to me walking about that they allow me to get alarmingly close. The robins, the first to enter the bird bath in early March, will land within a few feet from me. They follow me around grabbing at worms while I am preparing the garden for my shows. I have heard that they can live up to 8 or 9 years old and given their comfort level, I believe it. No matter the age, I glance out the doors all day watching them happily content in my garden.

The birds and I hope that you will come enjoy the art and flowers starting April 28th!


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