Most of the summer so far, (for obvious reasons), I have found myself humming this tune by one-hit-wonder Buster Poindexter. Although the heat in my shop tends to make me downright angry, my plants are in sauna heaven! While I wilt by noon, they seem to be at their peek. My snake gourds, hyacinth beans and cypress vine are all weaving around my sculpture at rapid pace. I am cutting off trashcan loads each week trying to keep them tame as they slither in and then squeeze around one another like a boa constrictor. I know if I linger too long in the one flower bed I will be sucked in like a scene from a b movie, never to be seen again! The snake gourd is so aggressive, it actually wormed its way up to my office window and attached itself to the screen. I promptly removed it as I swore I heard whisper…“Feed me Seymour.”

So here are a few pictures of the living wall of vines in all their summer glory! Please try to come and see them in person this Saturday, at my Artist studio and open garden tour, so that you can enjoy the art and flowers as much as I do every day.