the second time around..

Sinatra plays loudly through my speakers, breaking the silence in between the noise of my shop as I work. I have been on a steady Sinatra kick for about 3 years and holding. Sinatra, BB King or the blues of course. Today is no different except for the early and eagerly anticipated spring in the 70 degree air.

I work with my doors wide open, music playing and surrounded by my gardens and all the new growth bursting through the soil. The robins are splashing in my birdbath and the birds are chirping at the top of their lungs. I cannot help but sing Sinatra’s “The Second Time Around” all day as I make these sweet little birds. They are a new commission; a wedding gift for a friend’s father who was recently remarried. They make me laugh and smile all day as I create them. I hope they can feel this in the piece..

Love is lovelier the second time around…and to this I can relate.

“growing” gets a facelift..

It had not been much more then one year in it’s new home when “growing” got caught up with the wrong crowd. He fought a hard fight, but in the end needed to come to “spa sandy” to rejuvenate. Don’t you worry dear friend, this time I will reinforce you. Those guys can jump on you all they want and only get bruised ribs..

7 wheels are better then 5!

there is a story behind every cork

The Cork sculpture was an exciting project created for the Pennsylvania Wine association unveiled at the Farm show in Harrisburg, January 2012.  The concept was to create a piece that incorporated corks from several different Pennsylvania vineyards and wineries in the Association.  The theme of the installation was “there’s a story behind every cork”.  The effort asked wine lovers to share their Pennsylvania wine stories and read some of the many tales submitted by other wine lovers. For every story submitted, the PWA added another cork to its growing collection and donated one dollar to the NCFL, an organization that inspires and engages families in the pursuit of education and learning together. In the end they mailed me boxes of corks they collected and I turned them into clusters that were hung off a sculptural vine structure.