Dog & Bull

What a wonderful celebration we had last saturday at Dog & Bull music and brewhouse! We unveiled the sign they commissioned me to make in metal, depicting their branded logo. The weather was glorious and loads of people poured in all day. Live music, great food and fun..hard to ask for more. Take a peek at the fantastic candid shots that every one sneaked in without me knowing! (special thanks to Bobby and Lisa for all the pictures)

Click Here for movie “curtain down”! >

my furry cohort

Sam has seen many seasons come and go since he began his life of leisure under my roof. I hope that the 11 years he has lived with me makes up for his awful first year of life on the street. Each day may bring a little more grey and might slow him down a bit, but never enough to allow the stubborn terrier in him to lay low for too long. He was made extra cute and that is why he still is in this house or even breaths another breath some days! Everything that he does to make me pull my hair out aside, today Sam is in his glory and we are happy on our sunny ride to the greenhouse getting plants for the first show of the 2013 season. (If only I could get as excited to go for a ride as he does.) I talk a good talk, but I do love you, you big jerk…in spite of the unmentionable things you do to my carpet.