fine feathered friends

One hot summer day in July, Peter Peacock was born. Penelopy Peahen was created right after making Peter to woo his lonely heart. A scavenged blade guard off of a sickle bar mower was the piece that inspired the creation of Peter. The sickle guard had been filed away in my scrap pile (titled bird beaks) for several years. I randomly came across the part and just knew it needed to become a Peacock. One sickle guard is ceremoniously cut in half to make Peter and his mate Penelopy. I love the ironic symbolism! In turn it makes it very difficult for me when people do not buy them as the life mate pair that they were born to be.

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  • sherryberger February 22, 2012  

    I LOVE seeing the behind the scenes photos! So much love and care taken when creating these pieces 🙂

    • swebberking February 22, 2012  

      some days i swear they move around my shop when i am not looking…

  • John Barksdale February 22, 2012  

    These birds are so full of charm you want to reach out and hug them! Beautiful work, Sandy! They would be a great addition to anyone’s garden!

    • swebberking February 22, 2012  

      Thank you ever so! I do love the birds as if they were my babies.

  • Dee King February 23, 2012  

    These beauties grace my garden in Virginia–as well as their other associate, the wonderful pelican.

    They are georgous and bring many, many comments.

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